UN Environment partners with Energy Floors for UN Expo 2017

UN Expo 2017

Ever since we started our company, we have been aiming to engage people in sustainable energy generation. By educating about renewable energy with our energy floors we try to contribute to the worldwide energy transition. Now we get the chance to take a big step forward in the clean energy revolution by partnering with a high impact educational organization for UN EXPO 2017: UN Environment.

UN EXPO 2017

The UN Expo 2017 showcases technology and ideas to achieve the Global Goals through sustainable energy. Several UN agencies will host events, release findings and showcase their work on how to mobilize investments to achieve breakthroughs on universal access to energy, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

UN Environment Day

On August 24, UN Environment Day, we’ll showcase our technology in the UN Environment booth at EXPO 2017. An energy dance floor and linked photo booth will attract children and others to learn more about renewable energy and feel part of the solution to ensure access to sustainable energy for all. On UN Environment Day we’ll welcome some very special guests on our energy floor: UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim and Solar Impulse pioneer Bertrand Piccard.

With help of these two climate powerhouses we will be able to draw attention to our new Smart Energy Tile, which is the world’s first floor tile that converts both kinetic and solar energy to electricity, and can be a renewable energy source for high footfall areas across the world.

UN Environment Day, August 24, 2017