The technology we use to convert kinetic energy into usable electricity is electromechanical. It was developed in 2007 and the first and most efficient one to be put on the market.

In the past our partners of Delft and Eindhoven University of Technology investigated various options: piezo, thermoelectric conversion and hydraulic systems. An electromechanical system, which transforms small vertical movements into a rotating movement that drives a generator, turned out to be the best option.

How does it work?

Our energy floor modules flex slightly when stepped on. Inside each module is an electromechanical system, which transforms the small vertical movement produced by dancing or walking people into a rotating movement that drives a generator. Each module by the size of 75x75x20 cm can produce up to 35 watt of sustained output, between 5-20 Watt per person. This video shows it all:


Improved technology

In the past few years we kept on improving our technology, which has resulted in the world’s most efficient energy converting tile. Together with our specialized partners Rinnic/Vaude Engineering and AEGROUP we produce energy floor modules of the best quality: the highest energy output in the world, able to resist extreme weather and extraordinary powers, highest life expectancy and applicable in every possible location.

Our Energy Floor modules are an essential part of the Energy Floors Smart Grid. This grid can be used for both efficient power management and diagnostics. The Energy Floors Smart Grid allows for intelligent use of electricity. In order to create a self-sustained energy system, other renewable sources (wind, solar, ..) can be added too. Any energy consuming products can be fed from the grid.

Energy Floors design

The design of the Energy Floors modules is an important part of our product development. The top sheet of the modules is an essential element of the experience of our installations. The interactive top layer of the Sustainable Dance Floor was designed by Studio Roosegaarde. The assignment was to create a maximum effect which can be powered with as little energy as possible. The smart construction Daan Roosegaarde came up with features glass, mirrors and LED lights, and creates an infinity effect inside the tiles. This visual image is extremely durable; only 1 row of LED lights is powered, while multiple lights are seen.

For the development of the Sustainable Energy Floor we chose to cooperate with several designers. This way, the top sheet can be customized according to the wishes of the client or the location. Stone, wood and carpet, often combined with LED light strips, are just a few of the possible options.