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Pukkelpop 2017: New festival attraction for UCLL

Pukkelpop 2017

Without a doubt the highlight of our festival summer: Pukkelpop in Belgium. In 2015 and 2016 we already joined forces with local university college UCLL to investigate sustainable festival ideas. Now we’re happy to be working with UCLL again at Pukkelpop 2017.

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How To Use the Sustainable Dance Floor At Your Event

immersive brand experience on the sustainable dance floor

So, the Sustainable Dance Floor converts kinetic energy from dancing people to electricity. You probably know that by now. But it doesn’t end there, far from it! When you rent the floor for your event, you can use the generated electricity any way you like to create an immersive brand experience. Read on for some inspirational examples.

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Pukkelpop 2016: we’ll be back at Baraque Futur

Pukkelpop 2016 Baraque Futur entrance

The Sustainable Dance Floor will be back at Pukkelpop 2016. Like last year, part of the festival, Baraque Futur, will be entirely dedicated to sustainability and green experiments. Here, our Sustainable Dance Floor will be used inside a self-sustaining minidisco.

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