Sustainable Energy Floor

The Sustainable Energy Floor is the world’s most efficient energy converting pedestrian floor system which can be used in pavements and high footfall areas like airports, sport arenas, shopping malls and railway stations.

With the Sustainable Energy Floor we take the energy generating floor to the next level. By means of an electromechanical system the Sustainable Energy Floor converts kinetic energy of people’s footsteps to electrical power. The technology we use was the first on the market and is patented in Europe and the United States.  

The Sustainable Energy Floor is a fully recyclable pedestrian floor which can be used in pavements and high footfall areas, such as sport arenas, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, office and apartment blocks. This floor enables people to generate their own local clean energy to power street lights and signing systems. The Sustainable Energy Floor can be a key element in smart grids, integrated with solar and wind power.



How does it work?

The floor modules flex slightly when stepped on. Inside each tile is an electromechanical system, which transforms the small vertical movement produced by pedestrians into a rotating movement that drives a generator. Each module by the size of 115 mm can produce up to 30 watt of continious output. Typical power output for continuous stepping by a person lies between 1 and 10W nominal output per module.

Customizable floor modules

SEF modules can be fully customized and are perfectly brandable. Various kinds of top sheets can be used, like corian, wood or carpet, all according to your wishes. This customized appearance combined with individual control per module creates a high profile energy floor with great impact. The perfect tool to raise awareness on energy production in public spaces.

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