Smart Energy Floor

The Smart Energy Floor engages people in the built environment in sustainable energy generation. The tiles of this smart floor are equipped with walkable solar panels, converting solar power to sustainable energy. Motion sensors collect data about pedestrian movement across installation sites.

The Smart Energy Floor is a solar floor (i.e. not kinetic). Its only energy source is solar power, which is converted by walkable solar top sheets. These PV panels generate a significant energy output with an efficiency rating of two-third of regular PV panels: 35 Watt per tile. This generated electricity is fed into local grids.

Interactive energy floor

The smart energy floor is interactive: it powers LED lighting and signage, which helps making the abstract matter of sustainable energy creation more tangible and approachable. This way we aim to raise awareness and contribute to the worldwide energy transition.

The smart floor tiles are largely produced using recycled materials. Seen throughout the life cycle (10 years) a floor is energy neutral.

Smart floor

What makes this energy floor a smart floor? Motion sensors in the tiles collect data about movement behaviour in areas where the Smart Energy Floor is installed. Based on this data the floor’s functionality can be adjusted to user behaviour. For instance: it can be bikepath by day, and illuminated footpath at night.

Different markets, different propositions

Right now, we are focusing on two target markets with the Smart Energy Floor: educational institutions and (local) governments. The two solutions we have developed for these markets are:

the Gamer
– the Walker

The Gamer is designed for installation in school playgrounds. It consists of 9 Smart Energy Floor tiles (3×3) and encourages young children to play interactive games, while educating about sustainable energy.

The Walker is developed for installation in (smart) city squares and pavements, airports and railway stations. It consists of 16 Smart Energy Floor tiles and focuses on engaging pedestrians in generating sustainable energy.

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