Silent Disco

Dance on the Sustainable Dance Floor while you listen to music on wireless headphones: the Energy Floors Silent Disco is a fun, energetic and interactive experience that fits into every event.

If you want to add a sustainable element to your party or event and continue dancing past noise curfews, then our Silent Disco is just the thing for you. It can be easily integrated into any event. Your audience dances on the Sustainable Dance Floor, to music on wireless headphones. These headphones can be charged with energy generated on the dance floor.

3 channel headphones

We can provide you with 3 channel headphones, allowing for 3 DJs to play at the same time. This means people can switch between DJs by changing the channel on their headphones, which makes the Silent Disco experience even more interactive. No budget for a DJ? Music can be played from a playlist too. Either way, the total amount of energy generated on the Sustainable Dance Floor is measured and shown on a screen.



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