Pukkelpop 2017: New festival attraction for UCLL

Pukkelpop 2017

Without a doubt the highlight of our festival summer: Pukkelpop in Belgium. In 2015 and 2016 we already joined forces with local university college UCLL to investigate sustainable festival ideas. Now we’re happy to be working with UCLL again at Pukkelpop 2017.

Pukkelpop 2017: a different approach

Earlier this year Pukkelpop and UCLL won the Brand Activation Award for their Smart Grid Energy Project at the European Festival Awards in Groningen. The ultimate reward for 2 years of testing sustainable event innovations at ‘nutty professor lab’ Baraque Futur. For Pukkelpop 2017 UCLL takes a different approach. Baraque Futur won’t return but UCLL will, and asked us to work with them again this summer.

UCLL Energy Battle

What’s the plan? During this edition of Pukkelpop UCLL will challenge festival goers to play energy battles in their custom made ‘Energy Towers’. These towers are built by UCLL teachers and students and equipped with 4 Sustainable Dance Floor tiles. At the UCLL festival stand friends will be able to play interactive energy dance battle inside these energy towers: which team generates most energy in 1 minute? To engage as much friends and bystanders as possible, the action inside the towers will be shown on a screen outside.

Let the battle begin!

Pukkelpop, 16-19 augustus 2017