Club Watt Rotterdam

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In 2008 we opened the first sustainable dance club in the world: Club WATT in Rotterdam. This club made substantial savings on energy consumption (30%), water (50%), CO2 (50%) and waste (50%).

People, Planet, Party

Club WATT originated in the idea of integrating a sustainable vision – People, Planet, Party – into a club. In 2006 our company (then called Sustainable Dance Club) participated in the research project ‘When Nature Calls’, initiated by Enviu and Döll architects. We developed a concept for a sustainable club, which was officially presented in club Off Corso during the event ‘The Critical Mass’. Eco beers, decoration fabricated out of waste material, a tap water bar and an energy generating dance floor: the crowd went mad.

The concept of an energy generating dance floor specifically appealed to the ‘Critical Mass’. So in 2007 we started developing a prototype: the Sustainable Dance Floor was born. In 2008 we installed the first version in the world’s first sustainable dance club: Club WATT in Rotterdam.


Club WATT soon became a hotspot in Rotterdam. Innovative, refreshingly different and with a friendly vibe, it attracted some of the world’s coolest artists to perform on stage (N.E.R.D. and Iggy Pop, to name a few…) Club WATT also helped meet the city of Rotterdam’s targets to cut CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025. To reduce the club’s carbon footprint, developed several sustainable club solutions: the DrinkWaterBar promoted tap water as a sustainable alternative to sodas, and the toilets were flushed with rainwater. Thanks to these solutions, we made substantial savings on energy consumption (30%), water (50%) and waste (50%).