Mini Clubs

Our Sustainable Mini Clubs are powered by the energy of your visitors. Compact, plug & play and self-sustaining, the Energy Floors Mini Clubs are the ultimate tool to add a sustainable feature to a festival or event. 

Our Mini Clubs are equipped with 4 Sustainable Dance Floor modules. When visitors step inside, sound and visuals are activated, encouraging them to start dancing. The kinetic energy from their dance moves is then converted to electrical energy.

Interactivity is key

Interactivity is key to every aspect of the Mini Clubs: the more visitors dance, the more the club comes to life. Lights and music become more intense, a mirror ball is activated. With the generated energy we can charge cell phones and power several plugins, like a photo booth and an energy dance battle.



Mini Clubs installation

The Mini Clubs can be easily set up by 2 people. They are constructed from sustainable and responsible materials. The dimensions can be changed according to the client’s wishes and the clubs can be set up at almost any location, indoor and outdoor.

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