Photo Booth

Our Human Powered Photo Booth is a low cost, maximum impact energy solution for every party or event. In this innovative photo booth you need to dance or jump to generate the necessary energy to activate the camera.

This is how it works: you step on one of the two dance floor modules, put on the silent disco headphones, dance to generate energy that powers the camera, strike a pose and smile! Your human powered selfie appears on the screen. If required, the selfie can be branded and uploaded to your preferred social media channel, or printed right away.

Plug-and-play energy exhibit

The Human Powered Photo Booth is an easy, plug-and-play energy exhibit. Each unit consists of 2 Sustainable Dance Floor tiles, additional hardware (controller, computer, cables) and software to run a customized visual or game. Two extra floor tiles can be added, if desired. All hardware is built into a platform and console, which are both easy to move and transport.



Request information

Are you interested in using a Human Powered Photo Booth at your event? Please get in touch via the request form below. Rental price is 1.500 EUR per day, excl. VAT. Every next day a 50% discount can be offered, as well as adding 2 extra energy tiles (250 EUR) and the possibility to print photos on the spot (250 EUR). Company branding of the photo booth on request.


We look forward to energize your project or event. Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.