Generation Discover: explore the future of energy

Generation Discover future of energy

What will the world look like in, say, 30 years? Take a look into the future of energy, technology and innovation at Generation Discover Festival in the Hague. For the second time this festival aims to challenge young children to create and realize their inspired ideas. Entrance is free.

Future of Energy

Generation Discover Festival is an interactive experience at Malieveld in the Hague. Like last year, young visitors will discover the future of energy with hands on challenges, impressive technology and interactive games. There will be drones to fly with, Salt Water Car Races and VR-experiences in the Bright Ideas Hub. Help a Special Cyber Squad to catch hacker ZyberMan or generate your own energy by dancing on our kinetic dance floor!

The dance floor will consist of 18 tiles and visitors will be able to play energy battles on it: who generates most energy by dancing and jumping?

Generation Discover Festival, October 4-8, 2017, Malieveld, the Hague