The Gamer: getting ready for installation

Gamer getting ready for installation

Summer holidays have come to an end, the new school year has started. Time for an update about the Gamer, our new smart energy floor for school playgrounds. In the past few months our product development team has worked hard to get the Gamer ready for installation.

Getting prepared

All parts we need to assemble the first Gamer tiles – from plastic plates to wiring and aluminium housing – are selected and ordered by various suppliers. The lighting design for the tiles’ LEDs is finished. The first batch of walkable solar panels we developed together with Sirius Solar Solutions are delivered and ready to use. Slowly but surely we’re getting prepared to assemble the Gamers first production run, for which 5 schools in the Netherlands signed up.

Gamer: testing, testing

Prior to the assembly pivotal parts of the tiles are thoroughly tested. At this moment the ECN, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, is examining the output of our walkable solar panels. The ECN, the most important Dutch energy research institute, particularly investigates the reduction of energy output caused by the anti-slip coating on the panels, and searches for an optimum between energy output on the one hand and user safety on the other.
In a testing lab we’re stress testing the glass solar topsheet: can the glass, photovoltaic cells and wiring handle extreme thermal cycling with humidity?

Software platform

At the same time we’ve developed an online software platform to store data from the tiles. This platform also functions as the foundation for the development of new interactive games that can be played on the Gamer, which we will develop further in the months to come. In the future customers will also be able to log into the software platform and check out the energy output of their Gamer online.

This month everything comes together for our R&D team. They will be assembling the first 51 tiles for 5 Gamers. In a little while it will finally be happening: the installation of Gamers in school playgrounds across the country.

We can’t wait – how about you?

Photo: Jan de Groen/AD