The Gamer: active learning on the playground

The Gamer: educating about sustainable energy

Looking for a way to integrate sustainability education into your school; into both the curriculum, and the playground? Encourage children to learn how to use energy resources responsibly, in a fun way, that sparks their imagination and provides valuable physical exercise. Let them learn and play, on the Gamer.

The Gamer: a unique source of energy

The Gamer challenges children to play energy games on the school playground. The games encourage physical exercise, whilst the tiles convert kinetic movement into electrical energy. The tiles are equipped with LED lights and walkable solar panels. The solar energy they generate, supplemented with the energy generated by the children’s activities, contributes power to your local grid. An energy management system visualizes the energy output on a screen at a central location inside the school building.

A powerful solution for your school

The Gamer provides a practical, visual insight into the topic of sustainability and aids comprehension of an abstract matter. Want to boost the energy level of your school? Actively engage your students in producing renewable energy, whilst simultaneously stimulating physical exercise and creating tangible environmental impact, together. A unique (and fun) tool for understanding sustainability!

Different budgets, different sizes

Our new floor comes in different sizes for different budgets: 2×2 tiles or 3×3 tiles, for 5200 EUR and 9950 EUR respectively, VAT included. If you are interested in integrating sustainability education into your school and want to know more about the Gamer, please contact us via or give us a call at +31 10 276 22 13. We’re happy to advice you!