Techniekplein Serious Request 2017

3FM Serious Request 2017

Events on December 28, 2017

Samen sterk voor 3FM Serious Request! Tijdens SR2017 werd het Stationsplein van Apeldoorn omgetoverd tot Techniekplein, een plek waar jongeren konden kennismaken met techniek. Onze energie opwekkende dansvloer was een van de attracties. Wie dansend de meeste energie opwekte maakte kans op een VR-bril of een energiescan voor zijn huis.
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GECommunity Summit 2017

GECommunity Summit 2017

Events on December 20, 2017

Our client, Nadi-Ayu Technologies from Malaysia, was asked to develop and run some activities to attract visitors to the Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. As Nadi-Ayu aims to raise awareness on renewable energy in Malaysia, they wanted to use our energy dance floor for their activities at the summit.
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Generation Discover 2017

Generation Discover 2017

Events on October 10, 2017

For the second consecutive year our Sustainable Dance Floor was part of Generation Discover Festival in The Hague, The Netherlands. During Generation Discover 2017 the dance floor was situated in the festival’s theatre, where children were invited to play energizing battles on the energy generating dance floor, right after an entertaining show had finished.

Generation Discover 2017

Generation Discover Festival is a 5-day popular science event that lets children discover the future of energy with hands on challenges, impressive technology and interactive games. This year over 30.000 people visited the festival in The Hague. Our Sustainable dance Floor was situated in the theatre, where several entertaining science shows took place each day. After each show a ‘ringmaster’ invited all children in the audience to play an Energy Dance Battle on the floor. On each side of the stage we installed a square 9-tile dance floor, finished with a small LED border. The DJ in the middle pumped up the music and the ringmaster pumped up the kids, who had to dance for 30 seconds to try to generate as much energy as possible. Two large LED screens (one above each dance floor) featured custom made energy meters showing batteries that slowly filled up, visualizing the amount of generated energy on each floor. Lots of fun (and fanatic faces) guaranteed!
Energy Awards 2017

Energy Awards 2017

Events on September 29, 2017

Splendor, joy and a festive mood: the presentation of the Energy Awards 2017 in Berlin was characterized by the firm conviction that the energy transition will succeed. To emphasize this positive and festive feeling, we were asked to install a Sustainable Dance Floor at the event location to let the guests generate some energy by dancing.

Energy Awards 2017

The German Energy Awards, initiated by Handelsblatt and General Electric, offer a public stage to the future-oriented and innovative energy concepts of our time. New technologies, products and projects in several categories are rewarded by the Energy Academy, a panel of the most important representatives of the German energy sector. The Energy Awards have been giving these innovative ideas a platform, a good network and media interest for 5 years now. The Energy Awards 2017 took place in the Museum für Kommunikation in Berlin. We installed energy floors in two spots: a small dance floor right next to the stage where guests could play energy battles after the official award ceremony, and a human powered photo booth on the other side, where guests could have their picture taken with their own energy.
UN pavilion at EXPO 2017

UN pavilion at EXPO 2017

Events on August 29, 2017

Who said taking green action cannot be fun? Thanks to a partnership between UN Environment and Energy Floors, visitors of the UN pavilion at EXPO 2017 could test this for themselves, on our Sustainable Dance Floor with photo app.

UN pavilion at EXPO 2017

The theme to the 2017 edition of EXPO in Astana, Kazakhstan is Future Energy. On August 24, UN Environment Day, we showcased our technology in the UN pavilion at EXPO 2017. The Sustainable Dance Floor converted visitor’s kinetic energy into electricity. This powered a camera taking the dancers’ photo, allowing users to see the results of their green actions before their eyes.

Learn about renewable energy

The dance floor was meant to attract children and others to learn more about renewable energy and feel part of the solution to ensure access to sustainable energy for all. Other than our floor, UN Environment also partnered with the Solar Impulse pioneer professor Bertrand Piccard and the government of Switzerland to showcase options and solutions for a clean energy future. Obviously Mr Piccard and the high ranked government officials joined visitors on the dance floor. After this a high-level dialogue event explored the health, environment and economic benefits of clean energy and ways of speeding up the transition on the ground.  
Pukkelpop 2017 UCLL Energy Towers

Pukkelpop 2017

Events on August 23, 2017

For the third consecutive year we teamed up with UCLL for Pukkelpop music festival in Belgium. No Baraque Futur this year: for the Pukkelpop 2017 edition UCLL wanted to let festival goers play energy dance battles on our Sustainable Dance Floor in custom made Energy Towers.

Energy Dance Battle

The Energy Towers were designed and built by UCLL teachers and students before the start of the festival. At the festival grounds our team equipped both of them with 4 Sustainable Dance Floor tiles, energy meters and cameras. Teams of friends could play energy dance battles inside the towers. The idea was to challenge them to generate as much energy as possible by dancing. After the battle ended a picture of each team was taken automatically and shown on a screen inside the towers. Dancers were rewarded with a 3D printed gadget, made from plastic waste from last year's edition of Pukkelpop.
Øyafestivalen 2017 Samsung booth

Oyafestivalen 2017

Events on August 20, 2017

New highlight of our festival summer: Oyafestivalen 2017 in Oslo, Norway! For Oya environmental protection is one of the core values, and their ambition is to be among the greenest festivals in the world. We were hired by event marketing agency NVFT to 'green' the sponsor booth of one of Oya's partners: Samsung Norway.

Samsung booth at Oyafestivalen 2017

For the Samsung booth NVFT wanted to focus on sustainable energy. We installed a 16 tile Sustainable Dance Floor on the terrace of the booth, which was used to power a Silent Disco accessible for all Oya visitors. The interactive LED lights in our dance floor created a beautiful sustainable light spectacle, especially at nightfall.

Oya goal: make a difference

Just like Energy Floors, Oyafestivalen wants to inspire others to make a difference. They want other organizers and their audience to adapt environmental friendly attitudes and habits, which they can incorporate into their daily lives and businesses. We hope to have contributed a little (or a lot) to that goal with our job in Oslo!
Mumm Formula E after party NYC

Formula E after party NYC

Events on July 20, 2017

As the official champagne partner of the Formula E circuit, Maison Mumm is present on the winners' podium of each race – and at each after party. For the New York ePrix, held July 15-16, we were hired to create an Electric Studio Dance Floor for the official Mumm Formula E after party in a club in Manhattan.

Push the boundaries

The New York ePrix was an opportunity for Mumm to push back the boundaries of celebration. At the racetrack throughout the weekend, visitors could enter the Holobox: a black cube where they could have their photos taken sharing the party vibe with a lifelike hologram of Mumm's Chief Entertainment Officer Usain Bolt. Usain was also a virtual presence at the after-race celebration, where his hologram got the crowd on their feet with a virtual mixing display.

Dancing at the Mumm Formula E after party

The official Formula E after party was held in a club in Manhattan, where Formula E drivers and Mumm guests danced the night away. Our Electric Studio Dance Floor was located in the center of the club, where the guests were asked to dance to charge up an interactive Mumm champagne bottle. Once this bottle was filled the camera was charged and our selfie app took a party picture. Photo Up & Down Club:
PECPOWER launch at PEC Zwolle


Events on July 19, 2017

During its fan day on July 15 PEC Zwolle launched PECPOWER. A unique clean energy concept initiated by soccer club PEC Zwolle and energy company Engie to ‘green’ the Zwolle region. Our energy tiles were used in a branded booth to celebrate the product launch.

Energy tiles in booth

At this booth outside the MAC³PARK stadium fans were invited to generate energy on our tiles by actively cheering for PEC. An easy task, since they got to do so while watching footage from the Dutch cup final in 2014, which PEC won, obviously. The fan that generated most energy won a special prize: a seat in the brand new Green Seats in MAC³PARK stadium, a special dug-out, next to the pitch, during one of PEC's next home matches.


PECPOWER is generated by solar panels on top of MAC³PARK stadium. It’s 100% clean energy for real PEC Zwolle fans. By using this energy fans back their club, because PEC Zwolle receives a percentage for each ‘transfer’. This money is used to green and extend the stadium and educate youth team players.
Lifeplus Spirit Event 2017

Lifeplus Spirit Event

Events on June 16, 2017

At Lifeplus Spirit Event 2017 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, we energized the Lifeplus community by letting them dance on a small Sustainable Dance Floor in the showcase exhibition of the event. Lifeplus is a leading supplier of high quality nutritional products.

Lifeplus Spirit Event

The Lifeplus Spirit Event is an annual company event celebrating achievements over the last year, providing inspiration and motivation for the year ahead and supporting people around the world to live happier, healthier lives. This year the event was held in Stuttgart, Germany. Around 12.000 community members came together to participate in the Spirit of Lifeplus.

Showcase exhibition

At the event Lifeplus founders Bob Lemon and Dwight McKee spoke about what inspires them. The Lifeplus team showed new initiatives. And at the showcase exhibition – where our energy dance floor was installed – members discovered new ways to improve and support their overall wellbeing. Producing energy by dancing for instance, makes you feel great! Together the Lifeplus members generated around 70.000 joules on 8 dance floor tiles. Not bad! Next to our dance floor, yoga sessions, fitness classes and percussion workshops were offered to get energized. Positive reactions all over!