Energy Floor Plugins

With our Energy Floor Plugins we visualize the amount of energy generated on our floor modules. Together with the floor, the plugins form the interactive energy experience we offer to our clients. There are several plugins to choose from.

Digital Energy Meter

The Digital Energy Meter shows the instantaneous power (watt) and the total power produced (joules or watt x seconds) on our Energy Floors. This information is shown on a large LED screen. The design of the Digital Energy Meter can be fully customized according to the clients wishes.

LED battery

A 2,5 meter high LED battery visualizing the amount of energy produced by the dancing crowd on the Sustainable Dance Floor. This energy floor plugin has great visual impact. The LED battery can be used to create a climax in a large dancing crowd or to attract visitors to a booth or location where the floor is installed.

Energy Tower

The Energy Tower is a 2 meter high tower filled with LEDs to visualize the amount of energy produced on the dance floor. The LEDs visually fill up with energy while the audience is dancing. With the accompanied software an upper threshold can be set to determine the maximum level. The meter is divided into five different levels (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% ).



Photo App

The Photo App takes a photo of the dancing crowd, once the Digital Energy Meter, the LED battery or Energy Tower reaches 100%. This photo is immediately shown on the LED screen of the Digital Energy Meter, and can be printed on the spot or uploaded to social media. The Photo App plugin can also be used in combination with a Red Button integrated in the DJ booth, which will be hit by the DJ when a maximum amount of energy is reached.

Energy Battle

During the Energy Battle the dancing crowd is divided into 2 teams, and both have to dance like crazy to generate as much electricity as possible. Either the first team that generates a certain amount of energy wins the battle, or the team that generates most energy in a certain amount of time takes home the prize. Either way, the total amount of energy generated by both groups is measured and shown on a screen. The battle can also be played in sequence, with the highest individual score displayed on the screen.

Energy Quiz

The Energy Quiz is another gaming plugin high on entertainment and educational value. Multiple choice questions are displayed on a screen and the floor modules are divided into 4 colours. Each colour represents one of the multiple choice answers on the screen. Participants jump on what they think is the right colour and if theyre right, energy is generated. The participant that generates most energy by jumping on the correct answers is the lucky winner of the quiz.

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