Energy Bootcamp at ABN AMRO WTT 2017

Energy Bootcamp at ABN AMRO WTT

This week, the 44rd edition of ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament is being held in our hometown Rotterdam. Their traditional ‘Kids Day’ gets a sustainable touch again, with an Energy Bootcamp in which our energy generating dance floor is involved.

Energy Bootcamp

Energy Bootcamp, developed by our client Bewustwijzer, is an active sustainability experience for children to raise awareness on energy and water consumption, eating healthy food and waste reduction. By joining the bootcamp, children get an idea of their own carbon footprint, learn how to charge their cell phone with a bike, and generate clean energy by dancing on our Sustainable Dance Floor.

Dance Challenge

A Dance Challenge is part of the bootcamp: Bewustwijzer challenges the kids to generate an overall 200.000 joules on the Sustainable Dance Floor, which, for the occasion, is turned into a Silent Disco. With the generated energy we power our ‘selfie app’, which automatically takes pictures of the kids on the dance floor once a certain amount of power is generated. These photos will be uploaded on the Facebook page of ABN AMRO WTT:

Energy Bootcamp at ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament: February 15, 11 – 6 pm, Sportplaza Ahoy Rotterdam