Container Club

Our Container Club is an all-in-one sustainable event solution. This off-the-grid mini-club, built in a 20ft refurbished shipping container featuring dj booth, light and sound, is powered by 5 solar panels and 24 energy generating dance floor tiles.

The Container Club offers visitors a unique energy efficiency experience: all it needs to operate is dancing people (and some sunshine). This turns the club into a fun and educational tool to make energy efficiency tangible. We can make it fit easily into your campaign or tour: large LED walls in- and outside the club display your customized content, so your message will be delivered properly.

No plug, just play

The energy generated by the solar panels and dance floor is collected in 2 Hybrid Home 3kW accu packs. Theyre placed centrally in the club for everyone to see, so no secrets there! Obviously the Container Club is easy to transport, which makes it perfectly suitable to use on a tour. Installation isnt complicated either: no plug, just play.




Amount of solar panels: 5

Energy output solar panels: 320W each

Amount of Sustainable Dance Floor tiles: 24

Energy output Sustainable Dance Floor: 120W – 600W

Energy collected in 2 x Hybrid Home 3kW

Rated power: 3000W, efficiency DC to AC 92%

Dimensions container: 6058 mm x 2438 mm x 2896 mm

Total surface area container: 34 m2

Dance floor area: 30 m2


Container Club Energy Floors Container Club Energy Floors Container Club Energy Floors Container Club Energy Floors


Request information 

The Container Club is available for rent worldwide. The club will be installed and broken down by Energy Floors operators at your event location. To request a quote for your event, please get in touch via the request form below.


We look forward to energize your project or event. Please fill out the form below and well be in contact as soon as possible.