Contribute to SDG 7: Clean and affordable energy for all


Ending poverty, reducing inequalities and tackling climate change – these objectives are all part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the UN in 2015. As a company, Energy Floors aims to contribute to SDG 7: ensure access to affordable and clean energy for all. Do you want to help too? Here are some simple actions you can take to contribute to this goal.

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Bezoek ons tijdens de Dag van de Openbare Ruimte

Dag van de Openbare Ruimte 2017

Tijdens de Dag van de Openbare Ruimte, 27 en 28 september in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht, slaat Energy Floors de handen ineen met verkeerskundig adviesbureau ErGIS B.V. Samen verkennen we de mogelijkheden voor verkeerstoepassingen van onze nieuwe Smart Energy Floor.

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The 7 best uses of VR in marketing campaigns


VR has become increasingly important in marketing. It has the ability to let users experience the world from a new perspective or to transport them to new universes. Therefore, VR offers an exciting opportunity for brands to connect to their audience on a more emotional level, which can increase overall engagement and impact. We selected seven great ways to use VR in marketing campaigns.

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The Gamer: getting ready for installation

Gamer getting ready for installation

Summer holidays have come to an end, the new school year has started. Time for an update about the Gamer, our new smart energy floor for school playgrounds. In the past few months our product development team has worked hard to get the Gamer ready for installation.

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Pukkelpop 2017: New festival attraction for UCLL

Pukkelpop 2017

Without a doubt the highlight of our festival summer: Pukkelpop in Belgium. In 2015 and 2016 we already joined forces with local university college UCLL to investigate sustainable festival ideas. Now we’re happy to be working with UCLL again at Pukkelpop 2017.

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Explore Energy at Roper Mountain Science Center

Explore Energy at Roper Mountain Science Center

At Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville, USA thousands of children will soon jump, dance, step and bounce on a 6-tile Sustainable Dance Floor. The floor will be part of their new exhibit Explore Energy. We talked to Valerie Mosher, STEM specialist at Roper Mountain Science Center, about their exciting new exhibit.

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Global Dance Challenge Eurekaweek 2017: You’ve got WATT it takes?

Global Dance Challenge Eurekeweek

From August 21-24, around 3,000 freshmen students will flood the streets of Rotterdam. During the annual ‘Eurekaweek’ of Erasmus University Rotterdam they start to get to know the city and their fellow students. A Global Dance Challenge on our Sustainable Dance Floor will be part of this year’s Eurekaweek. Together with Rotterdam. Make It Happen we’re going to find out if these freshmen have got WATT it takes…

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UN Environment partners with Energy Floors for UN Expo 2017

UN Expo 2017

Ever since we started our company, we have been aiming to engage people in sustainable energy generation. By educating about renewable energy with our energy floors we try to contribute to the worldwide energy transition. Now we get the chance to take a big step forward in the clean energy revolution by partnering with a high impact educational organization for UN EXPO 2017: UN Environment.

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Tech talk: how do kinetic tiles work?

How do kinetic tiles work

Generating off-grid electricity just by walking around or powering streetlights with your footsteps are no longer visions of a sustainable future, but reality. Kinetic tiles that generate power from human movement enable everyone to generate renewable energy. But how do kinetic tiles work exactly?

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Prins Willem Alexanderschool in Sliedrecht wint Gamer voor schoolplein

school sliedrecht wint tegels met zonnepanelen

Een duurzame prijs voor leerlingen van de Prins Willem Alexanderschool in Sliedrecht. Op hun schoolplein wordt een ‘Gamer’ geïnstalleerd: een vloer van energieopwekkende tegels met zonnepanelen, waarop ze interactieve spelletjes kunnen spelen. De vloer is de hoofdprijs in de Zwerfafvalwedstrijd 2017 die werd gehouden onder zeven Sliedrechtse basisscholen.

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