Hybrid Energy Floor

The Hybrid Energy Floor is the world’s first pedestrian energy floor that merges two different technologies to produce local clean energy: human power and solar energy.

The Hybrid Energy Floor consists of walkable solar panels and pedestrian energy floor tiles. The idea for this floor originated from a partnership with OTEM2000, a Spanish specialist in solar applications. The Hybrid Energy Floor (HEF) converts solar power and kinetic energy from human movement to electrical energy. The solar panels can be placed on top of the energy floor tiles or be installed side by side, to create an optimal hybrid energy floor solution. The Hybrid Energy Floor is designed for installation on commercial streets, public squares, parks and pavements. 

Energy output

Energy output of the smallest Hybrid Energy Floor module (75 x 75 cm) is up to 60kWh per year, per tile. The big one (1 x 2 meter) generates up to 250 kWh per year, per tile. It uses photovoltaic panels with CIS (Copper Indium Selenide) solar technology. Main benefits of CIS solar technology are its excellent performance in shady areas and its maximum energy production with minimum power use.



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