Lifeplus Spirit Event 2017

Lifeplus Spirit Event

Events on June 16, 2017

At Lifeplus Spirit Event 2017 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, we energized the Lifeplus community by letting them dance on a small Sustainable Dance Floor in the showcase exhibition of the event. Lifeplus is a leading supplier of high quality nutritional products.

Lifeplus Spirit Event

The Lifeplus Spirit Event is an annual company event celebrating achievements over the last year, providing inspiration and motivation for the year ahead and supporting people around the world to live happier, healthier lives. This year the event was held in Stuttgart, Germany. Around 12.000 community members came together to participate in the Spirit of Lifeplus.

Showcase exhibition

At the event Lifeplus founders Bob Lemon and Dwight McKee spoke about what inspires them. The Lifeplus team showed new initiatives. And at the showcase exhibition – where our energy dance floor was installed – members discovered new ways to improve and support their overall wellbeing. Producing energy by dancing for instance, makes you feel great! Together the Lifeplus members generated around 70.000 joules on 8 dance floor tiles. Not bad! Next to our dance floor, yoga sessions, fitness classes and percussion workshops were offered to get energized. Positive reactions all over!
World Science Festival

World Science Festival 2017

Events on June 8, 2017

As Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate deal, New Yorkers came out to dance on the Sustainable Dance Floor in Times Square. The occasion: the 10th edition of World Science Festival in New York City.

World Science Festival: focus on climate

From May 31 – June 3, the Sustainable Dance Floor was one of the activities of the World Science Festival providing the public a greater appreciation of our ever-changing planet — and our relationship to it. Climate was the focus of the festival’s footprint this year. Our 32-tile dance floor educated about renewable energy by converting the energy of people’s dance moves into electricity.

Energizing program on the dance floor

The activation started at 10am when people in Times Square were invited to join yoga classes on the dance floor. Downward-Facing Dogs and Dolphin poses got the energy flowing. After the yoga classes 305 Fitness took over for some energizing dance cardio workouts. This Is Not A Theatre Company played ‘Where Have All The Glaciers Gone’ on the floor, followed by their Climate Change Macarena, a special dance that involved participation of the public.

Human powered selfies and energy battles

The Sustainable Dance Floor was open all day long, accompanied by a host who invited people to share their energy on it, power their own selfie or play an energy battle. Every day hundreds of selfies were taken and uploaded on the WSF Facebook page. In 4 days around 1 mln joules were generated on the dance floor, 526 selfies were taken and thousands of New Yorkers, tourists and passersby were reached with the message to #ActOnClimate.
EU Open Day 2017

EU Open Day 2017

Events on May 8, 2017

To celebrate EU Open Day 2017, European institutions in Brussels opened their doors to the public on May 6. Our Sustainable Dance Floor and photo booth were situated in the nerve centre of the European Commission: the Berlaymont Building, to raise awareness on fighting climate change and contributing to a more sustainable planet.

EU Open Day 2017

EU Open Day is a unique opportunity for citizens to discover how the European institutions work, what their main priorities are and what concrete actions they undertake. Throughout the day, visitors can participate in debates, gather information and enjoy guided tours of the buildings. Our Sustainable Dance Floor and photobooth were installed in the Berlaymont Building, nerve centre of the European Commission. Adults and children were able to produce energy while dancing, under the motto ‘Dancing for the future – Clean Energy – Better climate’. A digital energy meter was connected to the dance floor. A large LED screen showed several tools used by the European Commission, like interpreator headphones, laptops, LED screens. The energy meter visualized the amount of generated energy versus the needed to power the tools.

Fighting climate change

Visitors also discovered how to take action in their everyday life fighting climate change and contributing to a more sustainable planet, for example by using energy more efficiently, switching to an energy provider that uses renewable energy sources, using cleaner transport, and consuming locally produced, seasonal food. Next to the dance floor, we also installed a human powered photo booth in the Berlaymont entrance. By dancing on 2 energy floor tiles visitors powered a camera that took selfies. The photos were shown on a screen next to the photobooth, branded with the look & feel of Europe Day 2017. They were uploaded on social media later. European Commissioners Günther Oettinger and Carlos Moedas honoured the event with their presence. Mr. Oettinger even made a selfie in our photo booth.
Heineken House at Coachella 2017

Coachella 2017

Events on May 2, 2017

The Sustainable Dance Floor returned to the Heineken House at Coachella 2017. Like last year, the floor was involved in creating a memorable and environmentally conscious House Party experience.

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Maritiem Museum Dancing for energy

Maritiem Museum

Events on January 30, 2017

For the ‘Offshore Experience’, a new energy exhibition at Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam, we supplied the museum with a Sustainable Dance Floor during the Christmas holidays. The Offshore Experience is about the search for energy and challenges children to think about the future’s energy supply.

Dancing at Maritiem Museum

During the holiday season our dance floor was located in the entrance hall of Maritiem Museum. For 2 weeks every visitor could light up the floor with their dance moves: a fun and engaging experience for both kids and adults. Through this interactive experience the museum aimed at involving visitors in the production of clean energy, and at the same time created a festive December attraction. It worked: Maritiem Museum lured a record 200.000 visitors in 2016, not least thanks to a well-attended opening of the Offshore Experience in December.

About the Offshore Experience

The Offshore Experience takes children on a search for energy at sea. They’ll find themselves on a rig at open sea and 2 miles underwater, experience what it’s like to be a wind turbine technician and play their part in the energy supply of the future.
Opel Ampera-e

Launch Opel Ampera-e

Events on December 6, 2016

The German premiere of the Opel Ampera-e was all about new ideas for electricity. The launch in Westhafen Pier 1 in Frankfurt was marked by an electrifying atmosphere for experts, journalists, and celebrities alike – powered by our energy dance floor.

Extremely powerful

The German premiere of the Opel Ampera-e was a 2-day event for experts, journalists, bloggers and celebrities from all around the country. On the first evening journalists got acquainted with the car and asked questions about the battery, range and the extremely powerful motor of the Ampera-e. No worries here, the EV has a range of over 500 kilometers (according to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC)).

Opel Ampera-e: new ideas for electricity

The second evening of the event authenticity expert and author Viola Möbius lectured about ‘fresh thinking’ – in keeping with the theme of ‘new ideas for electricity’. After a photo shoot with the Opel Ampera-e the DJ switched up the mood and our energy dance floor came in. The Sustainable Dance Floor converted the energy of the public, released with every beat and move, to electricity. Connected to the floor was a big LED screen showing a custom designed digital energy meter. The energy generated by the dancing public visually filled up a bright yellow Ampera-e on the screen.
Open Grid Europe

Open Grid Europe

Events on November 25, 2016

For Open Grid Europe we equipped their booth at gat 2016 in Essen, Germany with energy flooring, sustainable energy activities and unique customized software. Gat (Gasfachliche Aussprachetagung) is Germany’s largest gas industry conference and tradefair. It is the information hub for all innovation and technology topics related to gas.

Energy experience

The booth concept for Open Grid Europe was developed by Live Communication agency Uniplan. They approached us to create some activities relating to sustainable energy for the booth: an energy experience. We came up with a unique and interactive all in one energy battle and photobooth, powered by our tiles that convert the energy of the visitors to electricity. The photos were printed on the spot, a first for us.

Customized design

A large square column with 3 led touchscreen displays, specifically designed for this Open Grid Europe booth, was placed centrally in the stand.  This column was surrounded by energy generating tiles and carpet. A host invited visitors to play a game on the floor. On the touchscreen led they chose their activity: 'energy battle' or 'energy photo'. Energy battle meant jumping and dancing for 20 seconds to see who generated most power; energy photo meant jumping and dancing until enough energy was generated to power the camera and take a sustainable selfie. This selfie was printed on the spot as a giveaway for the visitors. To make this happen, we developed customized software for this particular event. Obviously the interface of this software aligned with the client's corporate design.

About Open Grid Europe

Open Grid Europe has a transmission pipeline network spanning 12,000 kilometers, making it one of the biggest in Germany. At their gat 2016 booth several CEOs discussed about innovating the industry. The gas industry must and can become greener, a clear consensus was reached on this issue.
Generation Discover Festival

Generation Discover Festival

Events on October 12, 2016

At Generation Discover Festival children discovered the future of energy with hands on challenges, impressive technology and interactive games. A 32-tile Sustainable Dance Floor featuring Silent Disco headphones and various interactive dance games was one of the ‘discoveries’.

Generation Discover

Generation Discover Festival, a 5-day festival in The Hague (the Netherlands), offered youngsters the chance to discover what the future might look like in terms of energy, science and technology. Over 30.000 visitors enjoyed this interactive experience on the Malieveld. Our kinetic dancefloor was situated in the ‘Energy Dome’. During 5 days over 1.5 million joules were generated by jumping kids (and some parents), 466 pictures were taken by our photo app and hundreds of Energy Battles were played. For this battle the kids on the energy floor were divided into two groups. The group that generated most energy in 1 minute won the game. Shell, initiator of Generation Discover, will keep on stimulating technology among youngsters by organising more educational events in the next few years. Aim is enthusing 1 million children in Holland to become the ‘discoverer of the future’.
Energy Efficiency Campaign Germany

Deutschland macht’s effizient

Events on September 1, 2016

For the German government campaign ‘Deutschland macht’s effizient’ the Federal Ministery for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) used our off-grid container club to showcase energy efficiency. The container club, also called ‘Energy Dance Cube’, toured all around Germany for 2 months to offer visitors a unique energy efficiency experience.

Completely off-grid

The container club is completely off-grid. It’s powered by 5 solar panels on the roof and 24 energy generating dance floor tiles inside (Sustainable Dance Floor). The generated energy from sun and dancing people is collected in 2 Hybrid Home accu packs placed centrally in the cube, and is used to power lights, sound and dj booth. Meaning if you collect enough sun during the day and keep dancing all night long, you can basically keep on party'ing as long as you like. Only low-power equipment is used inside the container, to make sure it's energy efficient. A perfect match with the aim of the campaign.

Showcase energy efficiency

Deutschland macht’s effizient’ is one of the largest German publicity campaigns in years. Our container club was used for the experiential part of this campaign. In each city along the campaign tour the German public was invited to dance inside the container. This way, they generated their own energy and experienced how their energy was used to power the party. This showed the public how energy can be produced and used efficiently. In 2017 the container club is part of BMWi's energy efficiency campaign again. 
Festival power Pukkelpop 2016

Pukkelpop 2016

Events on August 28, 2016

This summer our Sustainable Dance Floor was again selected as one of the best festival power ideas for Baraque Futur at Pukkelpop. Installed in a Silent Disco Pyramid, our energy floor provided the sustainability corner of the music festival with green energy, generated by dancing people.

Festival power

For Baraque Futur Pukkelpop worked with University College Leuven Limburg (UCLL) to investigate and execute the best festival power ideas. We’re very proud our Sustainable Dance Floor was selected as one of those ideas again. This year, the floor was used inside a Silent Disco Pyramid, built by Hexa Structures. This ingenious construction system reminds of hexagonal honeycomb structures and produces zero waste. Inside the Pyramid, visitors generated energy while dancing to music on their Silent Disco headphones. Their energy triggered a photo app, which resulted in around 150 ‘sustainable selfies’ on Facebook. In total, 660.000 joules were generated on the Sustainable Dance Floor, which equals about 1,200 burned beers (in calories). A nice bonus on a festival like Pukkelpop… Next to our Sustainable Dance Floor UCLL used a Mobile Solar Plant at Baraque Futur, consisting of 150 m2 of solar panels, resulting in 95% reduction of diesel usage and CO2 emissions. Amazing! The jukebox powered by rapeseed oil was interesting too.